" We create quality denim that will last the distance. Premium fabrics in the most flattering fits & authentic washes "

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Abrand is a youth denim leader in both fit and fabric. Our iconic fabrics are woven with a combination of irregular twist yarns, modern comfort and high stretch denim, as well as vintage inspired 100% cotton rigid fabrics which allow a unique and expressive surface texture with beautiful highs and lows that mimic the best of aged and vintage denim.

The introduction of our work wear inspired Dry Denim styles, a classic staple in any serious denim brands’ offering, allows us to round out a truly authentic offering playing on our long held position as the best quality jeans for a generation of consumers that value authenticity, quality and value in equal measure.


Abrand is the brand of the future, and therefore needs to be a leader in sustainability. You’ve heard of our eco collection taking water saving to the next level. Now we introduce Organic cotton, the next chapter on our journey to full sustainability. This means reducing environmental impact from the first step, it is grown without any toxic chemicals which have a tremendous negative effect on the air, water & soil.

The ethos behind the brand name is that it is a brand of the people. No frills, no unnecessary bullshit. A brand made cool by the people that wear it.

Abrand is nothing without the people that wear it. Abrand is your brand.

Wear it your way!