Tactile fabrics and fuctional tailoring embodies the Rue de Tokyo AW20 collection while paying homage to nature and visual arts in order to bring character to reinvented classic pieces and give a sense of identity to everyone. Taking inspiration from Art Deco design and winter sports garments from the 70’s, Rue de Tokyo does not cease to surprise with its’ commitment to exquisite quality.

Merging cultures and having an affinity for the retro culture, the menswear collection embraces European influences into Japan’s Winter Sports Olympics fashion in Sapporo 1972. Daring with burned yellow, reversible jackets, padded trousers and multiple checked patterns, the collection surprises with blooming freshness and nostalgic notes of the past. Functionality and style come together in the shape of waterproof garments and accessories with a personal touch, portraiting unique Rue de Tokyo camouflage patterns, ready to explore the outdoors.

This season, Rue de Tokyo aims to create timeless pieces, that don’t accept excuses to not be out there and follow your plans, aspirations and why not, discover yourself and your passions. It’s about being in your own creative atelier, expressing your emotions in freedom and achieve great things while feeling good in your skin.