In a time where the world is at a tipping point and we are assessing our ways of living and consuming it seems also the time to pivot our brand into a more streamlined look with attention on essential classic styles and focus on edgy, contemporary, sustainable high-quality products.

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We want to make shoes which elevates our customers and gives them areal sense of luxury and comfort. We are "Girl Power", and we are "Girl Boss Power".

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The LAST FW2021 footwear collection is based around our core silhouettes of boots, shoes and sneakers.

As on our previous collections we are focusing on using the most premium materials. The key materials for this collection are soft nappa leather and soft tumbled nubuck for our sneakers and more sporty styles. We are also continuing to use faux crocodile leather and polido for a fresh and clean look, on the classic styles. Our color palette ranges from earthy colors of browns, taupe, grey, beige to more loud and vivid lavender and orange crocodile.

In terms of boots we continue our journey on cleated strong outsoles and a nod to the more outdoors sports as well as keeping a classic reference with a military and equestrian look. Our styles come in various lengths and materials.

We are still in love with loafers, and this is a wardrobe classic which can work with any outfit. We are introducing a new loafer with metal, as well as a slide with a metal detail.

As for sneakers we strongly believe in the heritage look of basketball sneakers and for that reason we are introducing a mid-cut in color drench look, in soft tumbled nubuck. We have also updated the low-cut version with new color combinations.

We hope you will enjoy our collection.

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