WHO IS SHE :: Søsknene bak

Med WHO IS SHE har vi et mål om å samle Norges største vennegjeng av jenter som inspirerer og heier på hverandre, med fokus på kreativt innhold og lekne smykker i varige kvaliteter til gode priser.

LÄST Editorial AW21

We want to make shoes which elevates our customers and gives them areal sense of luxury and comfort. We are "Girl Power", and we are "Girl Boss Power".

Abrand Jeans Workbook Q1 2022

Taking it back to 1999. This season we introduce the all new ´99 Low Boot fit, as we se trends expanding out to the 2000´s its already on the most forward girls. As seen on Kendall Jenner, soon to be a sizzle item in every Abrand girls wardrobe.

Mathisen Brothers x Mads Nørgaard

Mikael & Daniel Mathisen

Love is not a crime


LÄST SS22 Lookbook

LÄST is as chic women’s casualwear brand consisting of contemporary silhouettes with a mix of vibrant and muted colors in premium materials. The SpringSummer 2022 collection is a celebration of the many various silhouettes we imagine a LÄST girl will wear whether it be for work or pleasure - LÄST caters to all needs.

Mads Nørgaard 22.1 Mens Lookbook

Our biggest ambition for this collection, was to create a range of beautiful clothes, that can speak for themselves Random ideas and unconscious influences created a red line connecting the dots in our minds.

Angelica Sophie x LÄST


Maria Wos x LÄST


Akylai Karbozova x LÄST


Andrea Steen x LÄST


Får uppdraget att lansera denimmärket i Norge

Abrand Jeans går in i Norge.

Emma Tallerud x LÄST

Emma Victoria Tallerud

Malin Vernvik x LÄST

Malin Vernvik

Ronja Worum x LÄST


Madeleine Lohne x LÄST


Läst Pre SS22 Lookbook

Mads Nørgaard 21.04 Lookbook Womens & Menswear collection

Another winter is upon us and we are craving for socializing, for real. Not zoom parties, but tru, physical parties giving us a serious reason for dressing up. When this being said, we must admin that the couch party in your comfy and soft sweat pants, has left a convenient habit of dressing both soft and sharp at the same time. Therefore, the hybrid between glamour and comfort became the starting point for this collection with the workin title; GLAMPING

Anna Reesen x LÄST

Mads Nørgaard - The Story Of a Knit

Mads Nørgaard - Stripet siden 1967

Nørgaard på Strøgets #101 T-shirt er designet i 1967 av Jørgen Nørgaard.

ONE- Fall 21 HVISK


As a fashion brand, we are aware that it is challenging to become 100% sustainable, but we feel that it is our responsibility to do our best to minimize our impact.

Digital Lookbook LÄST OUTWEAR AW21

When launching LÄST three years ago it was always the intention that our “GIRL BOSS” universe could include more than just footwear. We are now ready for our next step in this journey, and it is with great pride and humility we are introducing a full outerwear range.

Digital Lookbook LÄST AW21

In a time where the world is at a tipping point and we are assessing our ways of living and consuming it seems also the time to pivot our brand into a more streamlined look with attention on essential classic styles and focus on edgy, contemporary, sustainable high-quality products.

@mariiawos x Läst

@kaja_isdahl x Läst

Charmain x Läst

Møt Mads Nørgaard

Jeg heter Mads Nørgaard og er sjefdesigner og eier av selskapet med samme navn. Hos Mads Nørgaard designer og produserer vi klær for kvinner, menn og barn. Klær selges i over 500 uavhengige butikker over hele verden. Markedet vårt er størst i Danmark og de omkringliggende landene, men vi opererer også i andre regioner. Av egne salgskanaler har vi tre butikker på Strøget i København for hhv. kvinner, menn og barn, to butikker i Tullinsgade på Vesterbro (kvinner og barn) i København og en butikk i Latinerkvarteret i Århus. I tillegg har vi selvfølgelig også vår nettbutikk.

An Autumn Story

ESCAPE - Summer 21 HVISK

We have taken a few steps back and let ourselves immerse with our surroundings, whether it is in nature, our home or a home away from home.

Läst AW20 :: Street style :: @charmainelago x Läst

Läst AW20 :: Campaign Pictures :: Everyday candy

Läst AW20 :: Campaign Pictures :: A day at the beach

Läst AW20 :: New Campaign Pictures

Q Agency Spring Summer 21 - by Stine Heyerdahl

Q Agency Showroom for SS21, captured by Stine Heyerdahl

Ivylee SS20 - Summer of Love

Luxuriate in the warm days of summer with Ivylee CopenhagenSS21. Lavish timeless designs and re-runners are the focal points in a collection which embraces that unique summer feeling. Think sunny days spent in the shade away from the city with freckles on the nose, sun-kissed legs in boots to the sweet smell after a summer rain.

Kind Creatures HVISK SS21 Campaign

We are deeply inspired by the softness in organic shapes of nature and strong colors found at sunset.

Teaser Rue de Tokyo Mens SS21

Läst Lookbook SS21

AW20 video

A Country Gal :: Cornelia x Läst

Ocean View :: Mariadia x Läst

New Läst Stills SS20

Läst SS20 Spring Shoot

Showroom Mingle 04.02.2020

Lotta x Läst

Rue de Tokyo AW20 Mens Campaign


Storm & Marie AW20 VIENNA VIEW Collection

Vienna View Autumn 2020 Gazing over the rooftops of stunning Vienna, our designer was inspired by the Baroque era buildings and Art Nouveau influences.

Ivylee AW20 HARVEST MOON Collection

Harvest Moon is the first full moon of autumn and is the most famous of all the full moons. It coincides with many cultural events, religious observances, festivals, concerts, entertainment, insomnia and rites around the world.

Hvisk AW20 OCEAN Collection

OCEAN This season is inspired by the ocean and the enormous power and impact it has.

Läst Girls

LÄST GIRLS! here's to the most wonderful, colorful, inspiring LÄST girls

Tiki x Läst


Tutku x Läst


The future unfolds: Rue De Tokyo

— It's very important not to limit myself, says DavidAndersson Sahlin, founder of the Copenhagen basedfashion brand Rue De Tokyo. I'm a creative person.I'm a curious person. I like to see possibilities. I alsolike to see how the world is changing and what peoplewant in the moment.

Hvisk SS20 HANAMI Collection

This season is inspired by the Japanese word, Hanami, which means flower viewing. Flower viewing is a Japanese tradition of enjoying the transient beauty of flowers. Just like a flower goes from bud to flowering, this SS20 collection has been a process from idea, design and sourcing to a final product, and like the Hanami culture every step in the process is important and viewed in order to reach flowering.

Rue de Tokyo Mens Lookbook SS20

LÄST - SS20 Lookbook

Rue de Tokyo SS20 - “Twilight in Provence”

Creative director, David Andersson Sahlin’s continuous focus towards textile optimisation and development, merged the beach life with the practicability of the vintage workwear by using washed organic and recycled fabrics that offer a special tactile experience together with the specially developed Jacquards and the unique prints.

Storm & Marie Pre SS20 - Community is the keyword

The Pre Spring 20 collection is first of all a Scandinavian collection where simplicity, function and elegance are the essential. The collection should be appealing with a various number of interesting qualities, prints inspired of hand painted ceramics as well as feminine silhouettes and effects.

Ivylee AW19 Sign of the times

The day-to-day life of the modern woman can be exhausting. I know all too well the challenges of balancing runny noses, date nights and dinner with friends with a career and that illusive concept of a little time alone.

LÄST AW19 Pink Combat

LÄST was founded in 2017 as a contemporary Scandinavian sneaker brand for women who see themselves as modern, outgoing and strong.

Storm & Marie AW19 Manifesto

Beyond profit and towards responsibility. We want to evolve from a brand whose sole purpose was selling and growing as much as possible, to a company that incorporates human responsibility in its operations and design.