The future unfolds: Rue De Tokyo

— It's very important not to limit myself, says DavidAndersson Sahlin, founder of the Copenhagen basedfashion brand Rue De Tokyo. I'm a creative person.I'm a curious person. I like to see possibilities. I alsolike to see how the world is changing and what peoplewant in the moment.

Hvisk SS20 HANAMI Collection

This season is inspired by the Japanese word, Hanami, which means flower viewing. Flower viewing is a Japanese tradition of enjoying the transient beauty of flowers. Just like a flower goes from bud to flowering, this SS20 collection has been a process from idea, design and sourcing to a final product, and like the Hanami culture every step in the process is important and viewed in order to reach flowering.

Rue de Tokyo Mens Lookbook SS20

LÄST - SS20 Lookbook

Rue de Tokyo SS20 - “Twilight in Provence”

Creative director, David Andersson Sahlin’s continuous focus towards textile optimisation and development, merged the beach life with the practicability of the vintage workwear by using washed organic and recycled fabrics that offer a special tactile experience together with the specially developed Jacquards and the unique prints.

Storm & Marie Pre SS20 - Community is the keyword

The Pre Spring 20 collection is first of all a Scandinavian collection where simplicity, function and elegance are the essential. The collection should be appealing with a various number of interesting qualities, prints inspired of hand painted ceramics as well as feminine silhouettes and effects.

Ivylee AW19 Sign of the times

The day-to-day life of the modern woman can be exhausting. I know all too well the challenges of balancing runny noses, date nights and dinner with friends with a career and that illusive concept of a little time alone.

LÄST AW19 Pink Combat

LÄST was founded in 2017 as a contemporary Scandinavian sneaker brand for women who see themselves as modern, outgoing and strong.

Storm & Marie AW19 Manifesto

Beyond profit and towards responsibility. We want to evolve from a brand whose sole purpose was selling and growing as much as possible, to a company that incorporates human responsibility in its operations and design.