The Fob Ring

The Neuw Fob Ring which hangs from the front right belt loop of every pair of Neuw Denim jeans is in memory of the beautiful fob watch given to our Denim Director, Pär by his grandfather.

Pär would keep this watch in the front pocket of his favourite jeans secured by the chain to the belt loop. One drunken evening in Stockholm the watch met its demise and all that remained was the fastening ring, which Pär kept as a momento, liking the look and ultimately fastening one to every pair of Neuw Denim jeans.

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The Repair Stitch

Neuw is a modern brand inspired by vintage denim and the culture around denim. For us, a traditional deck stitch didn't feel right.

When we looked through our Pär's collection of jeans he has worn until they've almost disintegrated, many had personal repair stitches where his wallet had broken through the back right pocket.

Inspired by this, the Neuw Repair Stitch became our signature, scribbled on every pair of Neuw Denim jeans.

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The Revision Dart

The back hem dart is a symbol of the roots of Neuw Denim and how everything started for us.

The Vintage Revision design philosophy is adapting traditional silhouettes for a contemporary look. In short - premium denim reinvented.

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