This season is inspired by the Japanese word, Hanami, which means flower viewing. Flower viewing is a Japanese tradition of enjoying the transient beauty of flowers. Just like a flower goes from bud to flowering, this SS20 collection has been a process from idea, design and sourcing to a final product, and like the Hanami culture every step in the process is important and viewed in order to reach flowering.

The Hanami SS20 collection is influenced by flowers and colourful fabrics, as we find beauty in flowers and admire the beauty in every level it passes. Like Hanami, new collections should be viewed and explored and are often popular in certain period of time and after a while the blooming is over, and a new season takes place.

This Hanami collection invites you into a Spring/Summer Universe full of colours, new materials, flower prints and details, specifically chosen in order to inspire, create passion, dedication and admiration for the nature and flowers.

Become passionate for flower viewing by entering our Hanami SS20 collection.