Harvest Moon is the first full moon of autumn and is the most famous of all the full moons. It coincides with many cultural events, religious observances, festivals, concerts, entertainment, insomnia and rites around the world.

The Harvest Moon is all about taking stock of your expressive and natural well-being, helping you come to terms. After that, it’s about understanding what you could have done differently, forgive yourself for your mistakes, and decide that you’ll learn from them.

It’s a moment of culmination and revelation, meaning that a situation may be coming to a head and a light will shine itself on the truth. Although the aftermath of a full moon can feel difficult to accept, it’s always meant to point you in the right direction.


This Harvest Moon collection reflects a sense of calm and timeless relaxed elegance, focusing on fine materials and the perfect fit; Chic, confident and effortlessly cool cowboy boots. Two-tone booties, square-toed boots, practical and useful combat boots, heeled and flat ankle boots – all in butter smooth leather, lizard-embossed surfaces and saturated suedes, sprinkled with metallic silver details. Strong shapes, aesthetic and visual.

Cowboy boots are still on the rise. They not only tap into the Western trend, but the fringes, the contrast stitching and the metal embellishments on toe add up a cool, chill, rock & roll approach, so you can pair them with all your favorite fall looks.

If you haven’t already noticed, the ´80s are back in a major way and want to stay. Looking at the upcoming trends, we saw everything from boxy suits and power shoulders to standout iridescent coats. But if we’re being honest, our favorite trend from the decade of the “more is more” mentality has to be the shoes - which is why Ivylee loving the influx of ’80s-inspired boots this season.

We have rounded up the most stylish boots inspired by the originals for you to wear all season long. From conical heels to the kitten heals to the classic slouch, we guarantee that you’ll love bringing the ’80s back this fall.

We believe in knee high boots and this season nothing is chicer. The classic style goes great with almost any daytime look, so explore boot options with flat - and kitten heels

We wasted no time in refining this seasons color palette and silhouette. Neutral tones - mostly black, brown and tan colors - and boyishly feminine shapes - have been a big part of the Ivylee’s narrative over the last years.

The colors have radiance and energy, though it also seamlessly connects with the nature. And interesting combinations of rustic taupe, latte, terracotta, charcoal, sandstone, black, silver and a gorgeous ruby red.


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