Creative director, David Andersson Sahlin’s continuous focus towards textile optimisation and development, merged the beach life with the practicability of the vintage workwear by using washed organic and recycled fabrics that offer a special tactile experience together with the specially developed Jacquards and the unique prints.

As the breathtaking sights in Southern France and the Japanese devotion to quality and details form together a unique visual-sensorial harmony, Rue de Tokyo’s Spring Summer 2020 speaks a relaxed flair with a diversity of shapes meant to be in unison with the wearer, whether you are in the busy city, in the countryside, travelling or merely enjoying life.

The sea, the sky, the sand and shells are brought to life in hues of beige, off-white, navy blue and stripes. A new aspect present in this year’s Spring Summer season are the straw bags and hats, colorful bucket hats and Japanese camouflage prints that give the voice to this collection.

Breathability and eclecticism is found in the cuts for Womens where oversized, airy and voluminous pieces are carefully designed in washed cotton, twill, linen and silk. As the evening breeze approaches, the soft embrace of the cropped cable knitwear makes its’ way with grace. The unique color effect in the Mens collection is defined by the authentic finish in the melange fabrics where the predominant indigo reinvents the classic workers’ uniforms as the organic poplin and cashmere pieces soften the looks with versatility and elegance.

The Rue de Tokyo Spring Summer 2020 collection is about revalorisation of simplicity, the awakening of the senses and the continuous communication with nature as the brand introduces the common language - the neutral coat that understands both him and her. This collection is about the love story between the local worker boy and the passenger holiday girl.