Beyond profit and towards responsibility. We want to evolve from a brand whose sole purpose was selling and growing as much as possible, to a company that incorporates human responsibility in its operations and design.

Our mission is to inspire people to make better purchases and influence the world around us to do and be better.

We are not perfect, but we will try to behave with deep respect for our world and the generations to come. Every day.

People are increasingly interested in acting sustainably and with responsibility, but often they are unsure how to go about it. Nor do they have the time to research the complexity of this important topic. We want to do better. We want to be transparent and improve our processes so our customers can shop with confidence and trust.

Younger generations aspire towards a positive lifestyle; a lifestyle that doesn’t compromise on quality or principles. This is why it’s never been more important to demonstrate a meaningful commitment towards our world. Every single step in the right direction is priceless.

Designers words

The essence of the Fall 19 collection is a tribute to Scandinavian elements of simplicity, function and elegance.

Striking qualities and wild Amazon prints are prominent features of the collection, combined with feminine fabrics and effects.

Embracing diversity of the female form, we bring in details such as pleats, ruffles and drapes to sculpt the figure in a comfortable and flattering way.

This season we’re also inspired by the 80’s and the eclectic style of fashion icon Grace Jones and pop art by Andy Warhol. An increased focus on the shoulders and waist is prominent in this collection. We have worked with drip effects on the bottom of shirts, blouses and dresses and created soft, yet stylish suits that draw attention to the shoulders with added shoulder pads here and there. We’ve also created hand-knitted artworks of fluffy mohair-like yarns that pays homage to the colourful 80’s.

Fall 19 also sees more emphasis on finely woven designs with smooth and natural qualities, such as knitwear in light and delicate Tencel. This collection also features woolly and chunky knits for the colder months.

All woven and knitted tops are complemented with versatile skirts and pants for different body shapes and different occasions.

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