The Pre Spring 20 collection is first of all a Scandinavian collection where simplicity, function and elegance are the essential. The collection should be appealing with a various number of interesting qualities, prints inspired of hand painted ceramics as well as feminine silhouettes and effects.



With this collection we try to inspire and dress a diverse group of women with flattering details such as pleats, ruffles and drapes which all help to sculpture the figure as comfortable and fine as possible.

The Pre Spring 20 collection takes it’s set in the dark, but sparkling months November and December were people socialize through Christmas parties and celebration of New Year eve. Therefor dresses and blouses has been a focus point in this collection. Dresses that can both be worn to evening parties with stockings and heels, but also for everyday use styled with sneaks and jeans below. After the festive months of November and December the new year starts and people are longing for the sun and send their thoughts towards the southern Europe. The warm handcrafted ceramic with hand painted patterns has been source of inspiration for prints. The meet of clean lines in a fresh colour palette and the naïve and sweet flowers and dots in the prints presents a lovely contrast in the collection.

The priority of the STORM & MARIE collection is the light woven groups in smooth and natural qualities a long with knit wear in organic cotton, recycled wool and delicate Lenzing Tencel.

The color palette is kept fresh and cool though a carefully selected choice of appealing colours such as blue, blush and honey.

Design mission

Our design mission is grounded in democratic, open, diverse and honest perspectives.

Storm & Marie’s design mission is to make effortless, honest and feminine design with a democratic approach. We will celebrate women and communities that have a responsible and sustainable mindset. Community is the keyword.

Our design profile is Scandinavian and feminine. Our designs feature characteristic prints and reflect our responsible choices in materials. We design pieces with diversity and openness in mind. Our styles are meant to be seen and worn for social occasions.

Our design ethos is based on long-lasting styles that can be mixed and matched beyond seasonal trends. For this reason, we do not work with express collections and fleeting trends.